Do not trust user input -

I was searching for a colleague's blog in a "legacy search engine" ;-)... and found a page in Kay Giza's blog which linked "Niel Gräf" to somewhere. It wasn't his blog, It was a linked "Live Search":"Nils+Gräf"&FORM=TOOLBR Kay p... [More]

Database-Normalization And Scalability

In his last post Jeff Atwood summarized really really nice the discussions I have (and had over the last year) while helping customers on large scaling web sites, service-oriented back-ends or just the plain old data access topic. Thanks Jeff! All others: Go read!

Simplify LINQ code?

A few days ago a developer at a customer asked me how he could simplify the following code as he identified a pattern: X tries and the error handling. public PlanungsGruppenLesenA PlanungsGruppenLesen(     PlanungsGruppenLesenF param) {     PlanungsGrupp... [More]

JSON support for IE

Pretty helpful while working on WCF services with JSON serialization and AJAX: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Mime\Database\Content Type\application/json] "CLSID"="{25336920-03F9-11cf-8FD0-00AA00686F13}" "Extension"=".json"

NRW07 - succeeded!

Last friday we (Stephan Oetzel and me - JustCommunity e.V.) held the NRW07 (Germany's biggest software developer and IT professional community conference) in my hometown Wuppertal at die Börse. The organization of the event and founding the company devcoach were the reason ... [More]

Running ReSharper 3.0 with VS 2008 (Beta 2)

This morning I downloaded Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2.0 and installed it over the day. As always when a new version is out I'm looking forward to use the new features, but... As always I start missing the Add-Ins I usually use in the old version of the IDE - especially this is the case with ReSharper.... [More]

My shopping list for today :-)

1 x Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 (4096Kb/2x3Ghz) 64bit (Conroe)1 x Arctic Freezer 7 Pro 4 x 2048MB DDR21 x Chieftec "Bravo-Series" Tower (400W) Black3 x HITACHI DeskStar 250GB (SATA II)1 x ABIT IN9 32X-MAX WiFi "Beast"1 x DVD-RW SATA1 x NVIDIA Geforce Club3D 8600GT (512MB)

IKEA Page Flow

copyblogger has a nice story on "IKEA content"... After a discussion with my colleague Michael Willers (his famous security blog is down moving and will be up again soon...) I'd like to push it further/see it from a different point of view: (Especially in the web) Applications are content ... [More]

IE Active Content Update

I'm back on ASP.NET (at least more than last year :-)) - And it feels great (again) digging deep into some interesting areas around user interfaces (also WPF!!!), processes and tasks, state management, async stuff (multi threading/AJAX & JSON) and so on... Personal Ref.: Activating Act... [More]