WCF Metadata, Proxies and real Proxies

I was just about to generate a client (proxy) for a WCF service on a computer (in a domain) on customer site when svcutil.exe returned the following: Microsoft (R) Service Model Metadata Tool [Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Communication Foundation, Version 3.0.4506.30] Copyright (c) Micro... [More]

LogOff 2006

Looking back on 2006 ... that was a lot ... and the reason I was a bit quietTogether with Clemens I wrote a message based waterfall-caching-framework which can be hooked into a web service architecture for a customer.For Uwe Baumann of Microsoft Germany I wrote a localizable ASP.NET starter kit (wit... [More]


I just got "tagged" together with Steve, Don, Udi and Nicholas  by Clemens. So here are my five: The nickname "Lennybacon" was given to me by my girlfriend and is (probably) based on my middle name "Leonard" and the fact that I like bacon for breakfast. My surname is written without a "c"... [More]


DDD (developer developer developer) is back and will be held on Saturday 2nd December at the Microsoft Offices in Reading. It is a pleasure for that I've been voted again to speak. This time I'll present "DataAccess Layers - Convenience vs. Control and Performance?" on my own and "Decoupling Servic... [More]

Playing with the Windows RSS Platform

Microsoft introduces with Vista/IE7/Office2007 the Microsoft RSS Platform - For some reasons my IE is not able to export the feeds that I read in IE7 and Outlook 2007 to OPML.I had a look at the API and wrote this small console applictaion to export my feed list to the OPML format. using System;... [More]