OleDb, Decimal and DBConcurrencyException

I had some trouble with a WebForm, including a OleDbDataAdapter, a DataSet and uses the OleDbCommandBuilder to publish the CommandText property to the DataAdapter, that tries to update five Decimal columns in a Access database. No matter what i did the Update method of the DataAdapter threw a DBConc... [More]

Time to move

A lot of server moves happend in the last few days. AspHeute.com, DotNetGerman.com (where my blog is) and CodeProject.com just to name a few. I hope this will speed up my life a bit.


ASP.NET ControlsInternet File Select and Upload Dialog The Windows® ShellOpen Dialog extended and ported to ASP.NETDateTime ControlsControls for selecting dates including a datepicker and a intelligent year month day dropdown. Macromedia Fireworks ExtensionsDownOnPupUpEx.mxp (57.52 kb... [More]