Enable clientside javascript events for the RadioButtonControl

using System.Drawing;using System.Drawing.Design;using System.Text;using System.Web;using System.Web.UI;using System.Web.UI.WebControls;using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;namespace StaticDust.Web.UI.Controls{    [Designer(typeof(RadioButtonDesigner))]    public class RadioButton : System.Web.UI.WebControls.RadioButton    {        protected override void Render(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer)        {            System.Text.StringBuilder stringBuilder = new System.Text.StringBuilder();            System.IO.StringWriter stringWriter = new System.IO.StringWriter(stringBuilder);            HtmlTextWriter htmlWriter = new HtmlTextWriter(stringWriter);            base.Render(htmlWriter);            StringBuilder _javaScript = new StringBuilder();            IEnumerator keys = this.Attributes.Keys.GetEnumerator();            int i = 1;            string key;            while (keys.MoveNext())            {                key = (String)keys.Current;                if(key.Substring(0,2).ToLower()=="on")                {                    stringBuilder.Replace(key + "=\"" + this.Attributes[key].ToString() + "\" ", "");                    _javaScript.Append(key + "=\"" + this.Attributes[key].ToString() + "\" ");                }                i++;            }            stringBuilder.Replace("type=\"radio\" ", "type=\"radio\" " + _javaScript.ToString());            writer.Write(stringBuilder.ToString());        }    }}  

Another template based solution with ASP.NET 1.1

In the past weeks i have looked at several template based solutions for ASP.NET 1.1, because i can't wait for .NET 2.0. Region MasterPages and it's variations all around the webNo WYSIWYG/VS.NET support - No solution for me. Masterpages reinventedNice try, but i don't want to add so much lines to the code behind. I also realized SiteMesh.NET (http://joe.truemesh.com/blog/000275.html - hey Joe fix that damn JS error!!!), but i don't like that approach. So i decided to think about other concepts and wrote something that solves following for me: MasterPage WYSIWYG in VS.NET CodeBehind Other pages WYSIWYG in VS.NET CodeBehind ... with one line of code in the client pages. I'll talk about my solution on the VFL-NiederRhein UG Meeting in november or december. So if you are interested keep an eye open.

iFused 2.X

it's done - because of the loads of features i added in the last weeks (thanks to everybody who gave me feedback) it was necessary to redesign iFused from the architectural point of view and yes i polished the UI a bit. I hope you all like it - I LOVE FEEDBACK. http://www.staticdust.net/

iFused: Updates

Fons Habes contributed a dutch translation. I'm working with Mohsen Khani on the Farsi (Iran) version. Matteo Spagnolo will do the italian ... The image editing dialog has a "Save As..." now. Liming Xu, Leon Schuurbiers and Xavier Larrea posted a bug to the Support Forum (that had a bug too that is fixed now so i'll be notified about posts and can aswear questions...) that occures if the UploadDirectory is outside of the current ApplicationDirectory - Fixed. Thanks guys.

iFused - preparing for the competition

O.K. as you'll see it's been a long night for me - i added a lot of features to iFused and fixed the sign up bug at staticdust.net. Unlimited Directory browsing (limited by the memory of your box ;-) ) Directorys are now displayed in the file browser frame and onclick the directory is displayed. The "move directory up" works with unlimited directorys (limited by the memory of your box ;-) Filelist is now a DataTable and no more a Hashtable - yeah that kicks performace and prepairs my next step the "Detail View" (including file size, image width x image height, date created, date last modified and movable XP styled tabs...). "Cancle" is now "Cancel" ;-). "Selet" is now a "Select" ;-) ;-). David Fawn contributed the Czech translation file - THANKS DAVID,  THAT'S GREAT MAN. And my friend Miguel is currently translating the satellite assemblys to french and spanish. Added MIME TYPES for all extensions followed. File icons for following extensions (drop me a mail if you miss a filetype...)  .acp  .adp  .aiff  .as  .asa  .asax  .asc  .ascx  .asf  .asmx  .asp  .aspx  .avi  .bat  .bmp  .chm  .cls  .cmd  .com  .config  .cs  .csproj  .css  .ctl  .dcr  .dir  .disco  .dll  .doc  .dot  .dsn  .eml  .exe  .exp  .fdf  .fla  .flp  .frm  .gif  .gz  .hhp  .hqx  .htm  .html  .icc  .icm  .ics  .infopathxml  .ini  .java  .jpeg  .jpg  .js  .jse  .jsfl  .la1  .lar  .lavs  .lib  .log  .lqt  .manifest  .mdb  .mht  .mid  .midi  .mnd  .mns  .mov  .mp3  .mpg  .mpp  .mpt  .msg  .msi  .mxi  .mxp  .ocx  .pct  .pdf  .pic  .pict  .png  .pot  .pps  .ppt  .ps  .pub  .qt  .qti  .qtif  .r3t  .ra  .ram  .rar  .reg  .resource  .resx  .rm  .rmvb  .rp  .rt  .rtf  .rv  .scc  .sct  .sdl  .sln  .smi  .smil  .sql  .ssm  .ste  .swf  .tar  .tif  .tiff  .txt  .unknown  .vb  .vbe  .vbg  .vbp  .vbproj  .vbs  .vcproj  .vcs  .vdx  .vjsproj  .vpg  .vsd  .vss  .vsscc  .vssscc  .vst  .vxd  .wab  .wav  .wip  .wma  .wsc  .wsdl  .xls  .xml  .xsd  .xsl  .xslt  .zip   And as mentioned in the title of this post i hope to score at the contest "Make a developer's life easier and win" by devtrain.de. So, please if there are any wishes for the wishlist DROP ME A MAIL. If there is some interest to translate a resource file (61 words or short sentence) DROP ME A MAIL. Ahh, did i tell you that im on hollydays? No i don't think so. Greetings to the rest of the pack @ the office and all you techies out there. Download iFused