TornadoCamp WinFX

thinktecture and newtelligence AG present a week of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF): TornadoCamp WinFX. Christian, Ingo, Michael and me will present from the 16th - 20th of october in Bad Ems in GERMAN!

Developer day 3

Developer day[1] (DDD) in Reading (U.K.) was again really a great experience. My talk together with Michael[2] went fine and we really enjoyed the great audience. And the weather was sooooo sunny - unbelievable. It was nice to meet Melita Walton, Craig Murphy[3], Benjamin Mitchel[4], Ian Cooper, Phil Winstanley (Plip)[5], Dave Sussman[6], Guy Smith-Ferrier[7] and so on. Take a look at the pics Plip posted [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

New blogger on my Team

A while ago I posted that I and my company were searching for ASP.NET guys... Sergey Shishkin joined newtelligence in March this year and started to blog yesterday. He will do a presentation about a project related to Office Open XML and WinFx he is doing on out next user group meeting (18th May) in Düsseldorf, Germany

UG Meeting Tools List

MDFExec Executing CREATE statements from within Visual Studio 2005 Snippy Editor for creating and modifying Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippets WebServer Here Context Menu Exclude From Sharepoint NDoc Macro Cropper Screenshot tool Ruler Folder Size Browser Convert.NET C# 2 VB.NET Converter ChalkTalk Mistaya LDAP Explorer WinMerge     Thomas list...

Friday Night Andreas Hoffmann 2nd Lead Of The VfLNiederRhein User Group Picked Me Up Ad We Drove The Long Way Down To The

Friday night Andreas Hoffmann (2nd lead of the VfL-NiederRhein user group) picked me up ad we drove the long way down to the south.   Our destination for Saturday morning was the “Chaostage” event of the .NET user group Deggendorf  ( I had a session “Introducing the concepts and architecture of ASP.NET“ in the morning and a second one “Hello WebServices – Message-Oriented Programming for distributed systems” in the evening. We checked in at our hotel in Garching (I won’t tell the name but I’ll tell you a bit about the worst service). Because the waitress served me frozen potatoes with my steak I stood up and walked over to the bar. Just in this moment a voice behind me asked “Is this a codezone keychain? Are you gonna be at Microsoft on Monday?” It was Nicki Wruck ( the organizer of the ICE 2005 Community together with Frank Solinske ( IT-Pro Security Guru. Only one nano-second later we drank the first beer together. The geek meet was so exciting that I was just about to forget the bad service of our hotel J Sunday we fetched Stephan Oetzel ( in Poing. We picked up Michael Willers ( Developer Security Guru from the Airport to merge the Security guys in the “Hofbräukeller”. Uwe Baumann ( discussed about technical stuff with Andreas and me meanwhile. Later Nicki joined us together with Nico Lüdemann ( and Carola Helfert ( Monday - Launch Day – started with the Community GetTogether. Stephan and Andreas and I presented the results of the .NET Summit NRW (our community event). As always the time to do some “networking” was toooooooo short - even if we had at least the day before to talk to a few guys. The Launch Party was great. Steve Balmer’s Launch talk was transmitted per satellite into the Lobby of Microsoft in Germany – Great. The only problem again: So many people and such a small amount of time :-) 

A week full of community

Monday: I met Andreas Hoffmann (2nd UG Lead of the VfL Usergrop) and Peter Nowak (Head of, a community for .NET related vocational education) at Starbucks in Düsseldorf. Tuesday: Benjamin Mitchell notified me that one of my sessions was voted by the british community and I'll have a session at the Developer Developer Developer Day. Wednesday: I'm in contact with the Student Partners in Wuppertal now (better said Anselm Haselhoff because Marcel Wiktorin is moving and has not replied yet :-)). Thursday: Usergroup meeting in Düsseldorf: Sebastian Weber (Developer Evengelist at Microsoft Germany and member of the VfL-UG) answered all our members questions about SQL Server 2005 and Tuan Nguyen (Lead of and VfL-Member) talked about the Annos project. Great, thanks guys. Friday: I updated the VfL-Site and fixed a few bugs.