Todo or not todo

I read the article about Todo-Driven-Development by Leon Bambrick just after i picked up a ZDNet article about the Todo-patent (US Patent No. 6,748,582) by Microsoft. I'll keep wondering if the patent will influence the development process or vice versa.

DevDays 2004 Neuss

        Wednesday i visited the DevDays 2004. I took the complete security track except from Joergs presentation. I really enjoyed it but it was sad that i could not see Christian Weyer and Ralf Westphal in action - next time. I also took some photos.           The Screen ...               Frank Fisher and Christian Weyer ...               Christian Weyer, Jörg Freiberger, Ralf Westphal, Frank Prengel and Markus Baulig ...               Michael Willers, Bernd Marquardt and Dariusz Parys ...               Fons Habes and Bart DePetrillo ...               Me and Fons ...               Holger Schwichtenberg ...               Christian Weyer ...               Frank Fisher ...               Ralf Westphal ...               Bernd Marquardt ...        

moved - offline

I moved (only a few miles - still Wuppertal) and i'm still waiting for telephone and internet :-( So i have a lot of time for coding a few HttpHandlers and Controls i wanted to build a long time ago. I'm having fun with C#.

Time to move

A lot of server moves happend in the last few days., (where my blog is) and just to name a few. I hope this will speed up my life a bit.