Das Video: EMEA @ PDC

Damir hat ein tolles Video zusammengeschnitten... Starring: Barbara Steiger, Simone Stocker, Frank Butler, Christian Frei, Amy Sorokas, Trisha Lacey, Hans Verbeeck, Karsten Samatschke, Christian Wenz, Damir Tomicic, André Obelink, Dirk Primbs, Frank Prengel, Bill Gates, Jim Alchin, Andres Hejlsberg, Chris Anderson, Don Box, Scott Guthrie, Doug Purdue, Sara Faatz, Samantha Spears, Morgan Baker, Julia Lerman, Nicolas Clerc, Patrick Hynds, Chris Capossela, Golo Haas, Alex Bierhaus, Mario Spuszta, Alexander Holly, Michael Willers, Channel 9 guy

Visual Studio 2005 available for MSDN Universal Subscribers first on October 15th

[Jeffrey Palermo] public launch date and availability is still scheduled for the week of November 7th, but Microsoft will be releasing the software to it's MSDN Universal subscribers first on October 15th.  I've been looking for changes from the Release Candidate to RTM, but I haven't found them yet. I'm glad the software is finally coming out.  I've been working with .Net 2.0 since Beta 1 came out, and I'm looking forward to using the final product. The I've installed Beta 1, Beta 2, and the Release Candidate, and all the IDEs have been stable. You've heard the warnings not to install pre-release software on any computer you care about, but Visual Studio 2005 has been very stable.  I'm impressed.[...] Nothing to add, Jeff  :-)

Die Wahrheit liegt auf'm draht...

Aus einem Chat mit Michael Willers zu Thema Indigo (Windows Communication Foundation) und Interop: Michael says:    die wahrheit is aufm drahtMichael says:     die zeiten ändern sichMichael says:     fürher war aufm platz heute is aufm draht  

A week full of community

Monday: I met Andreas Hoffmann (2nd UG Lead of the VfL Usergrop) and Peter Nowak (Head of FIAEon.net, a community for .NET related vocational education) at Starbucks in Düsseldorf. Tuesday: Benjamin Mitchell notified me that one of my sessions was voted by the british community and I'll have a session at the Developer Developer Developer Day. Wednesday: I'm in contact with the Student Partners in Wuppertal now (better said Anselm Haselhoff because Marcel Wiktorin is moving and has not replied yet :-)). Thursday: Usergroup meeting in Düsseldorf: Sebastian Weber (Developer Evengelist at Microsoft Germany and member of the VfL-UG) answered all our members questions about SQL Server 2005 and Tuan Nguyen (Lead of annos.de and VfL-Member) talked about the Annos project. Great, thanks guys. Friday: I updated the VfL-Site and fixed a few bugs.

Opera Browser is 10 now - Get your free registration code!

[http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2005/08/30/]It's been ten years: Ten years of innovation and ten years of gratitude to Opera users. Today, Opera Software ASA gives back to its community. Opera just launched its online party. As a sign of gratitude for the community's continuing support, Opera will give away complimentary registration codes for 24 hours. At the party site, people can also chat with Opera employees (including the CEO and CTO), play games, check out the history of the Opera browser, download music made by employees and send in their greetings. In addition, people can check out what happened at midnight at Opera's anniversary party [...] http://my.opera.com/community/party/reg.dml

Publikationen September

  Return to Sender - Email Adressen validierenE-Mail-Adressen validieren? Ein alter Hut! Aber testet Ihre Routine auch, ob beim Domain Name Service ein entsprechender Mailserver registriert ist? Und ob der auch gerade online ist? Nicht? Dann können Sie hier ja vielleicht doch noch etwas lernen.DOTNET Pro  C# - Warum mit weniger zufrieden seinWarum in C# Programmieren? Warum nicht PHP oder VB .NET? Hier wird es geklärt. CHIP Professionell 


For years I used ACDSee 3.0. It always remembered me of the days of Windows 95/NT 4.0. That is the past now. Deep deep in your file system there lies a neat tool that does the job very well. The only problem I did not recognize that its even there for years. After i found it, and yes also liked it. I decided to use it and added the missing part to integrate the Office Picture Manager into daily work. Context menu integration: Here ist the reg-file:REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Folder\shell\Browse Pictures ...\command]@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\OFFICE11\\OIS.exe\" \"%1\""  

Don't mess with sharepoint...

Carefully said I do not like that sharepoint "hijacks" the Internet Information Server. When you create a virtual directory it is just not accessable because SharePoint took over IIS. Funny fact: This is the second post how to fix issues with IIS and "extension" that cause issues :-) So i decided to hack a small utility serving my needs: ExcludeFromSharepoint.zip (3.46 KB) Enables to exclude applications from sharepoint services through the directory context menu. Install using the "-install" switch; Uninstall using "-uninstall" switch. Because I'm running my machine under a LUA (Limited User Account) i wrote the tool in a way that you can install and uninstall it without administative rights - the contextmenu will be installed per user! if(args[0]=="-install") {     RegistryKey _rkey = Registry.CurrentUser;     _rkey = _rkey.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\\Classes",true);     _rkey = _rkey.CreateSubKey("Folder").CreateSubKey("shell");     _rkey = _rkey.CreateSubKey("Exclude from Sharepoint");     _rkey = _rkey.CreateSubKey("command");     _rkey.SetValue(null, App.Application.ExecutablePath + " \"%1\""); } else if(args[0]=="-uninstall") {     RegistryKey _rkey = Registry.CurrentUser;     _rkey = _rkey.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\\Classes\\Folder\\shell",true);     _rkey.DeleteSubKeyTree("Exclude from Sharepoint"); } else { ... }   The Implementation works with the webserver extensions version 4.0 or higher       RegistryKey _rkey = Registry.LocalMachine;     _rkey = _rkey.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Shared Tools\\" +         "Web Server Extensions",true);         foreach(string _subKeyName in _rkey.GetSubKeyNames())     {         try         {             int.Parse(_subKeyName.Replace(".",""));             RegistryKey _fpKey = _rkey.OpenSubKey(_subKeyName,true);             _fpDir = (string)_fpKey.GetValue("Location");         }         catch(Exception _ex)         {             string _err = _ex.ToString();             break;         }     }   and uses the stsadm.exe from the shared tools of the server extensions.     System.Diagnostics.Process _p = new System.Diagnostics.Process();     _p.StartInfo.FileName = Path.Combine(_fpDir, "BIN\\stsadm.exe");     _p.StartInfo.Arguments = "-o addpath -url http://localhost/" +         _strProjectName + " -type exclusion";     ...     _p.Start();