newtelligenced Part two

I joined newtelligence® AG last year for a practical course, Clemens and i mentioned that in our blogs before. I had a wonderful time so far (and i'm sure it'll continue), nice collegues (i'll link only the bloggers Clemens, Joerg and Michael), new challenges and interesting task, talks and times. Today it's official: From today on i'm a "Software Engineer" for newtelligence® AG.

Thoemmi und die blogs

Thomas Freudenberg, a friend of mine and member of my usergroup, has started a interesting discussion about .Text (a blogengine) and it's future. He had a lot of feedback on that and posted another entry to clear up things a bit. It came out that he is not the only one asking 'Where's .Text going to?'. All i can tell you is: if you are not satisfied - use dasBlog ;-)

German bloggers, Chris and Me MainFeed

DotNerGerman (my blog is also hosted there) offers a MainFeed of german Bloggers (Dirk Primbs, Dieter Föttinger, Alexander Zeitler, Damir Tomičić, Stephan Troxler, Thomas Bandt, Uwe Bauman, Bernd Spuida, Roman Pittroff, Jens Meyer, ...) and german bloggers blogging in english for example Christoph Wille and me, Daniel Fisher(lennybacon). So have a look@