ASP.NET Controls

Internet File Select and Upload Dialog 
The Windows® ShellOpen Dialog extended and ported to ASP.NET

DateTime Controls
Controls for selecting dates including a datepicker and a intelligent year month day dropdown.

Macromedia Fireworks Extensions

DownOnPupUpEx.mxp (57.52 kb)
Modifies Fireworks to show parent Popup-Menues down when the childelements have the over status.

Exportblur.mxp (21.96 kb)
Exports all links of Slices with a script called to prevent the Internetexplorer-Link-Lines.


Philips Consumer Communications.doc (0.16 MB)

Koch und Schroeder.doc (0.33 MB)

Heinz Lindner.doc (0.14 MB)


csharp.sch (5.10 kb)
A syntaxsheme for Proton to highlite C#

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