LogOff 2006

Looking back on 2006 ... that was a lot ... and the reason I was a bit quiet

  • Together with Clemens I wrote a message based waterfall-caching-framework which can be hooked into a web service architecture for a customer.
  • For Uwe Baumann of Microsoft Germany I wrote a localizable ASP.NET starter kit (with a discussion forum and a really nice membership administration API) for coding4fun.de.
  • I distinguished technical and architectural fires (mostly ASP.NET, Web Services and ADO.NET) in Germany, Luxembourg and Sweden.
  • Consulted half a dozen customers from several industries throughout Germany.
  • As a trainer and speaker on conferences and trainings I've bin to Germany, Poland, Denmark, Greece, Ukraine and England
    • DDD was really one of the best events out there!!!
  • Together with Stephan I organized the biggest regional software developer community event (NRW06) and connected .NET, PHP, Java and Linux developers.
  • I had an interesting fight: Me vs. Java consultant (to let a customer make a decision on IT strategy).
  • Worked together with Michael, the newtelligence crew, Microsoft's DPE in Germany and the connected systems team in redmond on a security analysis on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for the Federal Office for Information Security of the German government (BSI).
  • Created material and did 3 architecture gigs for Microsoft EMEA.
Hmmmm, I'm pretty sure I forgot something...

I'd like to thank everybody I worked with. May you all have a merry XMAS and a happy new year.

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  • Hi,
    I attended DDD4 in the UK December 2006 and was really interested in your SOA talk and the architecture you and Michael discussed. I remember you saying that you would have more info. available when the project was completed. Do you have any documents available now?

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