Mac vs. PC

Since a few weeks I’m running a 15” MacBookPro beside my beloved HP 8510w as a productive workstation. Because a lot of my friends asked me about my experience I want to share my current point of view. First of all some facts collected over the last month:


Feature MAC PC
Keyboard Keys - x
Keyboard backlight x -
Fingerprint sensor - x
Docking Station - x
Smart Cards - x
Silence x -
Weight x -
Beamer-Connectivity adaptor native
Touchpad x -
USB-Ports 2 4
Dual Boot x -
Style x -



Feature OSX Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 R2
File system viewer columns - x x
Virtualization x (VMWare Fusion 3) - x (Hyper-V)

I really like the MAC a lot not only because I can also run a Windows 7 on it. But my HP (even if 2 years old and a few bucks more expensive) feels faster - maybe because of the hard drive. We’ll see after I switched to SSD :-P

Last but not least my recommendation: Ummm… get both man!

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