Macro to enable Code Analysis and define FxCop rules

I'm currently helping a customer to migrate a *really large* web application from ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0 (round about 130 projects in the master solution...).

I always liked FxCop but enabling "Code Analysis" manually is way to complicated (or not geekish enough?!?). So I wrote this small macro this morning.

Imports System

Imports System.Diagnostics

Imports System.Text

Imports System.Windows.Forms


Imports EnvDTE

Imports EnvDTE80


Public Module CodeAnalysis


    Public Sub EnableFxCop()

        Dim objProj As Object()

        Dim proj As Project


        For i As Integer = 1 To DTE.Solution.Projects.Count

            proj = DTE.Solution.Projects.Item(i)



    End Sub


    Private Sub EnableFxCop(ByVal project As Project)


        If project.Kind = "{66A26720-8FB5-11D2-AA7E-00C04F688DDE}" Then

            'Filter Project Folders

            For Each subProject As ProjectItem In project.ProjectItems




            project.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Properties.Item( _

                "RunCodeAnalysis").Value = "True"


            project.ConfigurationManager.ActiveConfiguration.Properties.Item( _

                "CodeAnalysisRules").Value = String.Concat( _

                    "-Microsoft.Design#CA2210;", _

                    "-Microsoft.Design#CA1020;", _

                    "-Microsoft.Naming#CA1705;", _



        End If

    End Sub

End Module

Comments (2) -

  • Thanks Daniel!  The code doesn't work for website projects (you might not want it to).  if you do want to get it to work for websites, here is the code to run for that project item:
    Private Sub SetRulesInWebsiteProject(ByVal project As Project)
            For Each prop As [Property] In project.Properties
                If prop.Name = "EnableFxCop" Then
                    prop.Value = "True&q
  • What does this mean? Something like  I can have Code analysis in my Visual Studio 2005 projects using a marco. I heard that integrated code analysis is applicable only for VSTS.

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